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Birth Plan Coaching

Do you have a picture in mind of your perfect birth? Have you thought about how you want to handle possible interventions, and what choices you might make as your birth progresses? Having a plan helps you achieve the birth outcomes you desire, and helps your birth team know how best to help you achieve the birth you hoped for.

Pregnant Woman

While even the best-planned birth can change course, knowing what you want will help you achieve the best outcome possible. 

Let me help you craft this important document. During our birth plan coaching session, I will help you hone your vision into a written plan that can be discussed with your partner, medical provider, doula, and any other individuals who may be present at your birth. 

Every doula package I offer includes a birth plan coaching session as part of a prenatal appointment; however, I also offer birth plan coaching sessions as a stand-alone service via Zoom.

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